"Unlocking Innovation: Explore Our Virtual Design Center"

Welcome to our Virtual Design Center!  The future of events is here.  Get ready to visualize and design in a whole new way.  With our user-friendly 3D space planner, you can bring your ideas to life with photo-realistic product renderings.  Our new cutting-edge technology enables you to see your design in its full glory, with accurate colors, textures and lighting, making it easier for you to make informed decisions.  This 3D design tool is only accessible via desktop for now.  So get to your computer, sit back, relax, and let our Virtual Design Center powered by Merri help take your event to the next level.


Step 1 Select Your Design Experience

Select your design experience. You can view our Styled Design Center or a Blank Design Center. 

Step 2 Personalize Your Design

Use the Design tools to drag & drop products into the space. You can add new items by simply returning to the vision board.  Change your view between Top Down 2D, flat or on a tilt, and 3D with a fly over option to catch all angles of the items you stylized.

Step 3 Share Your Vision

Share your design with us!
Click Share < Export PDF. A PDF will generate an order for you based on your 3D vision!  This will be sent to you and us directly. We will be in touch with a formal quote!

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