Top 10 Favorite Rental Products for Events in Florida

by Nickie de Vaal, So Cool Events | Blog, Inspiration


We’re officially midway through 2024 here, and Nickie de Vaal, the National Sports Account Executive for So Cool Events, wants to help you get inspired for all the amazing gatherings you’re planning for Florida’s upcoming event season!  We figured we’d let you in on her secret top 10 favorite rental products.


1. Hammocks and Hammock Chairs


These are a complete vibe! While offering your guests a fun way to chill out and take in everything going on in your event, they also add a pop of color. In true SoFlo fashion, the Hammocks and Hammock Chairs are available in different hues! 

We even caught our very own COO, Jeremy Halaska, relaxing in the Azure Hammock Chair!


2. Homestead Sectional Sofa


A total fan favorite! The best part of these Homestead sectional modular pieces is how much fun you can have setting them up. There’s of course the traditional set up, or there’s the ottoman replacement set up - Let your creativity flow and play with the pieces to your heart’s content! 



3. Dreamcatcher Day Bed 


You definitely don’t want to sleep on getting these fantastic pieces! Whether it’s bringing a different dimension to your design or having your guests lounge and put their feet up, the Dreamcatcher Day Bed is the absolute perfect addition to your event! (And don’t worry. If you actually catch a few ZZZs, we won’t tell!)


4. Rylee Sofa and Rylee Chair


The Rylee Line is the dreamiest outdoor furniture – completely elevating its space and surroundings. The sleek lines and neutral tones make it a versatile addition to any event décor. Whether it is a formal soirée or a casual get-together, guests adore how comfy it is, and designers and planners love its modern elegance.  A win-win across the board!


5. Colorful Adirondack Chairs


Bring a coastal vibe to your event with the Ocean Adirondack Chair. Its classic design and ocean-inspired hue make it a favorite for beach parties, garden gatherings, or any outdoor celebration. Pair it with matching tables or other nautical-themed décor to complete the look.


6. Eden Sofa and Eden Chair


Add a touch of elegance and comfort to your event with the Eden Sofa and Eden Chair. Their plush cushions and sophisticated design make them perfect for creating a luxurious seating area. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor events, these pieces are sure to impress your guests.


7. Canyon Chair


The Canyon Chair is a versatile piece that blends rustic charm with modern design. Its sturdy construction and comfortable seating make it a great choice for any event. Whether used as standalone seating or paired with other furniture, the Canyon Chair adds character and comfort.


8. Oasis Island Banquette


Create a stylish and functional seating area with the Oasis Island Banquette. Perfect for larger events, this piece provides ample seating while adding a touch of sophistication. Its sleek design makes it easy to integrate into any décor scheme, from contemporary to classic.


9. Acrylic Pedestal Tables


For a modern and minimalist touch, the Acrylic Pedestal Table is an excellent choice. Available in square and round options, these tables are perfect for cocktail parties, buffets, or as accent pieces. Their clear design adds a sense of space and openness to your event layout.


10. Fulton White Bar Table


No summer event is complete without a stylish bar area, and the Fulton White Bar Table is the perfect addition. Its sleek, white finish and modern design make it a standout piece. Ideal for serving drinks or as a high-top table for guests to gather around, it’s both functional and fashionable.



With Nickie's top ten rental picks from So Cool Events, your summer event is guaranteed to be a hit. From vibrant hammocks to elegant sofas and stylish tables, these pieces will transform your venue into a stunning, inviting space. Ready to start planning? Contact So Cool Events today to reserve these fabulous rentals for your next celebration!



What's the next event you're planning to host or attend?


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